We, via our international network of funeral directors are experts in repatriation funeral services. Repatriation of mortal remains may be undertaken between any countries, and if necessary with domestic flight connections. There is no knowing when disasters may strike and we maintain a special courier service between our offices, the Foreign Office, the Home Office, foreign embassies and consulates, coroners and other Government departments to ensure that all documentation relating to inward and outward repatriation is speedily completed. 
We are able to arrange for the necessary medical or surgical procedures to be carried out, when the seafarers own country does not have the facilities or a choice has been made that another country may offer a better alternative. This may be done as a surgical package and offer a cost effective solution to the seafarers illness or injury. 
We are able to provide suitably qualified expert witness’s to give evidence in courts worldwide. We are able to testify on both the medical standards and facilities in countries and costs associated with medical care, especially those where seafarers originate. We provide a further service to assist with preparation of questions for examination and cross examination of plaintiffs medical experts, by defense counsel acting for the ship owner. 
We are able to offer on a worldwide basis services to perform medical photography and digital images to be used 
in association with claims and legal proceedings. 
We are able to organise expert opinions in forensic medicine and medical law. This may assist in determination of 
the cause of death, the nature and cause of injuries, pre existing conditions, etc. Additionally, we have a Professor of Genetics who looks after all genetic matters related to tissue identity matters. 
We are able to perform on site assessment of clinics, that ship owners are considering for use by their agents. We are able to provide an objective, comprehensive evaluation report. We can also assist in making evaluations between clinics in cities to assist in decision making. 
Each of Marine Medical's offices has up to date iformation on vaccine requirements, and can give advice on travel related recommendations.  
Marine Medical does not perform MCA medical examinations. However, we are able to refer to doctors within a seaman's catchment area, so that he/she can have the medical examination carried out locally.  
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